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by Larisa Stow
My main passions in this lifetime are music, my spirituality, and my community. I am also very visually inclined - I love to decorate, to surround myself with beautiful, magical elements that create a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere in my home and in my temple/studio space.

Grateful, and Excited For the Possibilities!

by Larisa Stow
I feel more grateful than ever to be alive, and am committed to using this precious time on earth to face my fears and create even more from love.  Creating music, teaching, writing and designing art that raises my vibration and the vibration around me are my passions and am inspired to share even more of this with you!  

What the Heck is "Rock On Sat Nam," Anyway?

by Larisa Stow
As we faced an audience of men slouched back in their chairs, tattoos of teardrops in the corners of their eyes, their arms crossed defensively… and us, a little rock band with our fair white maiden out front, come to sing these gentlemen songs of love and devotion!… we faced a new problem, one we had not anticipated previously...

Kali, How She Supports My Authenticity, and the "Chamundayei" Mantra

by Larisa Stow
That’s why I adore the spiritual superhero goddess Kali.  She inspires me to stand strong in my truth, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. Chanting the empowering mantra “Chamundayei, Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Ma” ignites the courage to face my fears.