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Welcome To The Larisa Stow Shop!

Hi, I'm Larisa Stow.

Welcome to my shop! 

Many people know that my main passions in this lifetime are music, my spirituality, and my community. I am also very visually inclined - I love to decorate, to surround myself with beautiful, magical elements that create an atmosphere of peace and inspiration in my home and in my temple/studio space. I love butterflies and dragonflies, dragons and goddess warriors, trees and flowers, and anything from nature and mythology that inspires my heart.

Also, I am politically active in a number of environmental issues. Honestly I would rather spend my time making music and art; however, my love for our planet and all beings who live here compels me to use my voice to stand up for protecting our beloved mama Gaia. So you may get an "awareness-raising" email from me about these things from time to time.

So… welcome to my new store! It has been quite an undertaking on the part of myself, Benj, and Doug to get this all up and running (and we’re still working out the kinks), but I am SOO excited to have a web-based, optimized home for all things Shakti Tribe. Most of my albums are available here now (I’m completely out of stock on the CD “Reaching In”, which is indeed one of my most popular recordings, but we hope to have a new pressing available soon!). And in addition to the music, I will be frequently adding wonderful new merchandise items beautiful and inspiring designs to share with you.

I’m so grateful you’ve stopped in to my shop! If you want to stay in touch, I’d love to have you sign up on our mailing list. And you can always contact us at if it’s on your heart to share something with me and my team